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Babler Farms Hay for Sale
Welcome to Babler Farms where we produce high quality alfalfa hay, alfalfa-grass hay, grass hay, oat hay, and wheat straw. Our farm is located near Rock City, a small Midwestern town in Northern Illinois.  We farm over 4,000 acres consisting of hay, corn, wheat, and soybeans.
Hay for Sale

We are Your Online Source for Illinois Hay Production

Our Mission is to provide consistent high quality hay for sale Illinois that will build strong and lasting relationships between Babler Farms as the producer and our customers.

We achieve our mission by allowing dairymen, horse owners, and cattlemen to deal direct with us the producer who grows, harvests, stores, samples, and delivers quality midwest hay bales. You will have a better understanding of our large hay and straw bales and what you will receive. This results in a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

Success achieving our mission is a result of superior hay production sampling, hay testing, and representation. Our hay knowledge and livestock experience help us understand customer’s specific needs.  At Babler Farms, we understand the value of high quality large hay bales, small square hay bales, dairy hay, horse hay, and feedlot hay. We provide high quality alfalfa hay, mixed alfalfa-grass hay, grass hay, and oat hay, to meet your dairy & horse feed requirements.


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